New signup and login pages


This is just a quick site update to let new, and existing PollenTree members know we have recently updated both our signup and login pages.

The new signup page now asks for a first name, rather than a username. The reason for this is to make using PollenTree more personal and relatable. PollenTree has continued to grow rapidly, so we want to ensure it remains a personal experience for members. We believe that moving away from usernames to first names will help to achieve this.

As part of this new approach, the login page for existing members now requires just your email address and current password. We hope this will make signing in easier for members.

We have had a busy summer working on updates and improvements.

You will shortly see a new updated advanced search facility as requested by members. The update will allow members to search using specific criteria and to narrow down the list of potential matches. This update will improve search results and help members find matches by ethnicity and other selected criteria.