Century Films

Dear Members,

My name is Avigail and I wonder if you could help with research I am doing on co-parenting?
Although I work for a television company called Century Films, this research is not to do with any upcoming filming. Instead it will be for a project that I am developing on how the definition of family has changed in recent years – and we are exploring this territory with a view to see if co-parenting can be feasibly featured.

Anonymous phone call request:
I’m hoping to have confidential phone calls with men and women who are currently looking for a co-parent or for a sperm donor.

The purpose of the call is to learn more about the different reasons why people are looking for a sperm donor or looking to co-parent.

I understand that this is a very big request – to share your personal story with a stranger – but if you are happy to have a telephone chat with me, which can be done anonymously, please send me an email so we can then arrange a time to have a chat.

Please send your email to:

Thank you for your consideration and I hope we can talk soon.

With best wishes,

Avigail Cenci di Bello
Head of Development, Century Films