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Gender: Male

Age: 39

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Good genes (& slow aging from my paternal(m) side). My now-collegic kiddo laughs that she gets mistaken for HS ages (& asked if she's some sort of genius).. but loves that her later years will..
My paternal(m) grandpa was a twin who both married matching twins. It's not popped up again (yet) in the family tree since, so the odds... are open to speculation.

I grew up in the farmlands, repairing everything on God's green earth on shoestring budgets... which led me toward electrical engineering & physics... & eventually activism, due to our school systems(!)

Perseverance is a deeply ingrained trait (perseverance is more important than luck!) though some might reference stubborn farmer mentality.

Warning; you will get a smart kiddo that loves reading & learning. I loved the "Why?" years.
Esp. when she learned enough at 4, on the day she snagged the young-adult book outta my hands & said "I'm gonna read this on my own, Dad" =)

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