Shree / San Antonio
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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 38

Location: San Antonio, Texas, US

I am a super independent responsible lady engineer. I moved here from India and excelled in my career. While my other friends were getting married and having babies, I chose to live my dreams and climb up the corporate ladder.

Now, i am overwhelmed with the urge to procreate and have my own little family. The ticking biological clock is like a time bomb resonating the “now or never” timeline.

I just broke up with my bf who I had been dating for a whole year. Life just doesn’t get any easier! We were going through IVF and he bailed out.

I look back and wonder if he ever wanted a baby. So, I decided to skip dating sites and focus on my innate biological urge... look for a coparent and a sperm donor.
(I had also considered just sperm donor but the damaging effects on a child without father psychologically made me change paths.)

Here I am looking for a sincere and genuine coparent with whom I would like to share the miraculous joy of bringing and raising a child in this world!

Interested In

  • IVF
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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