Marie / Omaha
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Gender: Female

Age: 30

Location: Omaha, Nebraska, US

From the age of 18, I've been set on becoming a "certified registered nurse anesthetist" or a CRNA for short. Requires a 4 year nursing degree, 2+ years of critical care experience, and another 3 years of anesthesia school (master's program). Well, my 4 year nursing degree turned into 5, my 2 years of critical care experience turned into 5, and I'm just finishing up my anesthesia program this February. During this time, I knew I didn't want kids before I finished because it is grueling and difficult on it's own. Now that I'm finishing it up, I want to have as many as I can, so I want to start ASAP. However, I don't have a husband. So, I'm turning to the "single mother by choice" route.

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