John / Provo

Biological Sex: Male

Age: 42

Location: Provo, Utah, US

I am blown hair, blue eye, 6" tall married with children. I am interested in co-parenting.

We are able to house and support a child, and we'd be open to co-parenting with someone who is looking to have a child. We would like to keep the connection by blending my genetics with a co-parent.
Genetic testing is clear of known significant cancer variance.
No STDs or other disease.
Perfect vision

I have a strange situation I'd like to share. First, I have children. and I love it. My wife had colon cancer and we decided to be done with kids. Over time the burning inside was still there. So we both decided we would 100% consider something unconventional.

I am interested in having more biological children, and I am willing to co-parent, support, pay for, etc. I'm not looking for anything more than a clear cut agreement to raise the child in two homes to become an amazing individual.

I'd like to be open to your wishes on how to raise the child, but I'd like to share in the parental joy of knowing there is someone else who sort of looks like me and is loved by many.

Many of the people I see looking either don't have children or are single parents already. Some people have experienced life and are afraid of that clock in the crocodile ticking away. I'd like to offer a very safe (financially and emotionally) avenue for someone to be a mom.

Interested In

  • Co-Parenting (male)
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