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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 36

Location: London, England-London, GB

I am searching for a sperm donor to provide the magical ingredients for starting my own family.

I have always wanted to be a mum and already adopt the mum role within my circle of family and friends. Raising a family doesn't faze me - I'm told I'm a wonderful auntie to my many nieces and nephews.

I would describe myself as capable, creative, caring and fun. I like reading books, movies, travelling and fashion - I design and hope to launch a small boutique one day in honour of my mum - the chicest woman I know. Cooking and baking is also passion.

I have researched my options including visiting a private fertility clinic for testing have recent STD scans. I have always practiced safe sex so I am completely free of any STDs (as expected) and have high expectations for a successful pregnancy particularly as I have a high egg count.

I would be most grateful to receive this gift of life naturally or through AI. Thank you for your contribution in helping forge family, unity and legacy x

Interested In

  • IVF
  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
  • Adoption
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