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Gender: Female

Age: 43

Location: Newburgh, New York, US

I run a family business. I travel as much as I can, most recently to Columbia and I try my best to travel to Italy in the spring every year. I restore old historic "money pit houses" as a hobby. I am a skier and sailor, but am generally out hiking with my dogs or gardening (with an entertaining and destructive litter of kittens :) in my free time.

I come from an Italian family on my father's side and Scandinavian / French / German on my mother's side so I know how to cook and bake . . . although, I eat very healthy, with a bad chocolate sweet tooth.

I am a natural blonde, petite, but bizarrely strong. I have a fabulous community of friends, come from a large family, am a bleeding heart (especially when it comes to animals) and have been called bubbly, but I am also confident, determined and direct.

I went to undergrad for studio arts and left with an economics degree. I am inherently a “creative” but have a mathematical problem-solving mind (Masters in Finance & RE Development).

I was in a long term relationship in my 30s where I spent my time trying not to get pregnant and focused on growing financial stability. So, now I am financially independent, own a beautiful home, and I can't imagine my life without children.

Through the modern miracle of medicine, I got pregnant twice last year, reaching over 9 weeks with a strong heart beat each time. Unfortunately, I miscarried the first one due to appendicitis (emergency surgery), and the second the DR believed was due to typical abnormalities.

I have undergone every fertility and genetic test available. I have zero genetic abnormalities, nor any fertility issues besides not being in my twenties anymore. I have no allergies and no major health issues in my family. I have a great fertility DR who believes I would get pregnant naturally (without the fertility drugs), but is also willing to continue to try IUI as a reasonable option.

I had gotten sperm from a bank, but I struggled with that option tremendously for many obvious reasons. In today's day, regardless of the method, children will be able to find their biological parents. And I became increasingly concerned with this nebulous idea of "recognize-ability" . . . not only for me, looking into my baby's eyes who may not look like me, but for the child having questions about his/her origins / likeness / family.

I never imagined to be growing a family this way, but at the least, I would want to be able to speak to my children about an actual person I have met. This is new territory for me, but I am hopeful. I look forward to meeting you.

Interested In

  • IVF
  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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