Edwin / Nairobi
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Gender: Male

Age: 37

Location: Nairobi, KE

I'd describe myself as an easy-going guy who feels very blessed and now looking to have kids. I love my job where I get to work across Africa. I have lived and worked in Europe and North America before but I gotta say, I love Africa. I do consider myself a chilled out, humble guy...

I am convinced that COVID has put a huge spanner in the works for my future plans, particularly in terms of starting a family. I am now prepared to face the fact that things may not work out as originally envisaged but I am determined to have a child/children with an ideal person as soon as I possibly can. If it leads to a relationship, I am open to that too but equally as open to having a co-parent who is a platonic friend. As long as our child is loved unconditionally, I am good.

I am financially stable and have a pretty decent life and I believe that I shall be a good father. I was raised in a home with strong values and an overall emphasis on hard work, being a good human being, charity, and ambition. I can truly say that my folks did a brilliant job and accorded me all the opportunities life had to offer and I intend to do the same for my child.

My ideal situation would be to have a child with a single woman who is open to co-parenting. I am open to a person who is healthy, has good genes- (whatever that entails)- seeing as I am healthy and have no history of genetic illnesses, etc and I do consider myself to have good genes.

I am a professional in various contexts. I am intelligent and do have an artistic side.

I am open to having a child with someone from pretty much across the world as long as we can make it work i.e. travel etc. Having grown up across the globe, I know my child would benefit from living life on a global platform.

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