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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 44

Location: milkton keynes, Buckinghamshire, GB

I'm 34 and have for many years wanted to have children but have not met someone to have children with. For a while I have been considering sperm dontation and in my research I stumbled along information about co-parenting and want to explore this as an option. I believe that sharing the job of parenting with another person provides support both for the parents and the child, I also think that the more people in a child's life that love it the better.

My name is Arwen, I am fairly high achieving and like to keep myself busy. I a BSc, and PhD in Biology, I also have a PGCE and now teach science (with biology specialism). I love spending time with kids, when I was 18-19 I was an Au pair, it is one of the most rewarding experiences watching another human being grow and develop. I used to be a research scientist (looking at how the early brain develops and doing cancer biology based research).

When I'm not working I volunteer with the red cross as an events first Aider, and at Christmas time I voluteer with the homeless charity Crisis. In my 20's I did triathlons and rock climbing, but I have a sports injury that prevents me from doing those. I still enjoy being outdoors when I can, cycling and

I am working out my parenting options want to properly explore the possibility of coparetning. To co-parent I am looking for a male to donate sperm and be involved in the childs life. I think that it is very important that parents raising a child together have similar values and set out similar sets of guidelines and structure for the child to have a consistant upbrining, as a potential co-parent I think it is therefore important to get to know one another to make sure that parenting styles, and strategies will complement one another. If you are interested in getting to know me and seeing if we are compatible as co-parents please get in touch with me.

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