ready / Leicester

Biological Sex: Male

Age: 57

Location: Leicester, GB

I thought I'd reduce the length of my profile as curiosity is an attractive attribute isnt it?! send me a message or friend me and I will reveal the reasons why I will be the best co parent you could imagine for our new child (or children).

ps If you lack curiosity I guess Ill never find out ;-) oh and Id like to play a part in the children s upbringing but I would defer to you and will work around your plans. Id be there for birthdays and any special occasions and more. I would love to inspire whatever interest resonates with them depending on what stage of life they are at. I could teach them the joy of music and how to ski or snowboard. I love nature and growing my own veg fruit and herbs and hopefully would inspire a love of nature in them too! I have achieved more than is really necessary in a career and so I can ensure that our children would not want materially/financially for anything but most important of all they will be loved for sure!

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (donor)
  • Co-Parenting (male)
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