purples / London

Biological Sex: Female

Age: 37

Location: London, GB

Hi, I'm quite a humble woman with dark brow hair (now dyed dark purple) of mixed parents (Mother from Seychelles, Indian Ocean; Father from Guyana; South America), just recently turned 29 years old, looking for a man for sperm donation only or sperm donation and co-parenting for IVF treatment of which I shall be egg donor of a suitable recipient.

As I will be donating eggs, I would be using IVF process of my means to conceive. In addition to this, I would therefore need my sperm donor to attend a London clinic where his sample would be taken and then used for my IVF treatment. There would be no fees for donor to pay, just to turn up when needed to give sample to clinic. Arrangements to do with child/ren's contact would be discussed and arranged between myself and donor BEFORE donor attends clinic to play his part. There would be NO fees for donor to pay towards IVF treatment, donor would only have to find means of traveling to and from clinic.
Travel expenses can be discussed.

I have 3 sisters, one being a set of twins of 40 years; one has 3 children and the other has 2 boys and 1 brother, 42 years; who also has 3 boys. I totally LOVE being an Auntie, but I can't seem to contain the feeling of wanting to become a Mother!

Being 29, I am the baby of the family. I consider myself (as I'm sure my friends will also consider me) generous, kind, friendly, sincere with a good sense of humor.

I've worked with children for about 4 years. I'm self-employed. I'm healthy, with no genetic or mental health issues known within the family.

As I stated above, I'm looking for male aged between 25-39 for sperm donation via IVF preferably in London. Would prefer just a sperm donor, but would be willing to consider co-parent situation also. This would need to be discussed.

If interested please get in contact.

Interested In

  • IVF
  • Egg Donation (donor)
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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