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Age: 62

Location: GB

It has taken a while but I'm ready to be a parent - I can give what's needed in that special relationship with a child.

I work 4 days a week as a structural design engineer. It's work that provides enough so that I am solvent, but my most rewarding work is being a counsellor.

I am physically fit and healthy and work at staying that way. I am self aware and emotionally intelligent and those are qualities I would look for in a potential co-parent. It's vital for a healthy environment in which to raise a child. Basically I can be a kind and loving dad.

I would like the support of a woman to be alongside me in this process, long term. I am wanting to be a biological father. I am looking for a potential female co-parent. I am willing and able to be co-parent to any existing children you may have, according to their needs for a father.

My work location is flexible and I am willing to relocate within the UK in order to be a hands-on parent.

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