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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 41

Location: Cambridgeshire, GB

Hi, I'm a 32-year old single woman. Having concentrated for many years on my career, I've found myself in the position of suddenly being well and truly ready for children but not found the right man.

I'm very independent so decided that co-parenting would suit me. That said, I want my child to have a Dad so I'm not looking for a straightforward 'sperm-donor' arrangement. I want my child to know who his/her father is and to have a relationship with him. I also think that having someone to, at least in part, share the experience of becoming a parent with would be far more fun than doing it completely alone.

I have my own house and a very good income so I'm definitely not looking to be a leach, I just don't want my child to turn round to me in years to come and ask who their father is.

I've never done this before(!) and wondered whether anyone one here is in a similar position / has similar experiences/ thoughts?

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