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Gender: Female

Age: 39

Location: Manchester, greater manchester, GB

Hello all,
I've turned 30 this year (boo) and im in a civil partnership. We are looking for a AI sperm donor in the UK.

Ideally the nearer to Manchester or Sheffield the better, but travel isn't a problem.

I am in good health and dont smoke or drink. I already have one child, and would love to have another 1 (or 2?) to complete my family, before I get too old to run around the park. :)

We are looking for an AI donor only and i'd like the donor not too be completely anonymous. Not to co parent but just to know where they come from and say for example: if the child wanted to ask you any questions in the future, that you would be happy to answer them.

STI and ID checked please.

If you have had a “few” children by donation – if you have a record of them, just in case in 18+ years the half siblings were to meet up! (I know its unlikely) but no one wants a jeramy kyle situation!

If you are available throughout the ovulation period (eg 2 – 3 donations) per cycle if possible.

thanks for looking at my profile.
Either contact me on here or through FB.

PS Janice Wolf is my pets name. (just filtering out the “strange” from the genuine altruistic donors.)
cheers x

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