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Age: 51

Location: Prospect Heights, Illinois, US

However we look at it, interweaving our DNA with someone else's is the greatest and most important act as a human being. It is a shot to immortality, whereby our inherited traits get elevated to new heights through the love, knowledge and wisdom transferred to our child(ren).

I am interested in being a sperm donor or co-parent.
For each circumstance, perhaps there are different expectations, on both sides.

What do I offer?
- I have exceptionally good endowment: a time proven health,
- A superior intelligence (professional IQ testing was done when I was on my late teens - I had around 120) confirmed by formal education - I have a PhD in science from a top US institution, and two undergrad degrees, and speak - (to a varied degree) 4 languages.
- I am 5.11 (1.79m) and weigh around 145lbs (72kg)
- I think I am easy on eye :)

Epigenetically I have a lot to offer too:
I have a harmonious perspective of this world (both through eclectic and rigorous education and professional experience in information technology, human biology, biomedical sciences and extensive personal interest in meta-cognition and existential relevant questions.

I have specific technical and personal skills that goes beyond communication, into the roots of our way of thinking and evolutionary unconscious drives.
And so on...

This is just a brief overview - for certain, meeting in person counts a lot more.

Please make no assumptions, if you think we might have a common goal, contact me.
Be good.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (donor)
  • Co-Parenting (male)
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