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Gender: Male

Age: 57


Personality Traits: Athletic in casual social sports like pickup games of football or ultimate frisbee but not so much like in lifting weights. I like hiking and camping, ideally with an early morning creek swim. Avid reader of deep nonfiction. Philosophical, metaphysical, spiritual, practical, levelheaded.

Additional Comments: Youthful for my age - often thought to be 10 years younger. A good trait to pass on to children, as it runs in the family. My family medical history is remarkable only for its complete absence of problems. I am of Irish/English & Polish/Lithuanian ancestry. No male pattern baldness, good eyesight and teeth, athletic physique. Easily travel. Recent microscope fertility test extremely good. I am a cheerful person with a very active fitness routine. I love anything outdoors. I hike in any weather. In the park I enjoy ultimate Frisbee matches. I still do what works for me during my university days. I like reading in the shade of a tree. I am an avid reader of things that expand understanding. I aspire to make the most of each minute and live a stress free life instead of acquiring material wealth. My interests include understanding the world in a spiritual metaphysical sense not in a dogmatic religious way. I've always had high scholastic test scores - math scoring 99 percentile. I read quantum physics, as it shows how non-physical and timeless our known world is, and ties together the mechanically physical and spiritual free will. I have been shown to help create exceptionally vibrant, healthy, intelligent, beautiful children, who all do exceptionally well in school and full of heaven-sent laughter. STD test up to date. I can donate anonymously as assumed preferred by married couples. Any contact would always be at your discretion. I am however always open to contact with your child, but I am not looking to be a formal co-parent. I would welcome a chance to provide advice and guidance, especially helpful as they approach teenage years. Any contact I have with your child however should always remain at your discretion.

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