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Gender: Female

Age: 46

Location: Southern Gulf Island, British Columbia, CA

I'm a divorced mom of a really lively 4 year old boy. i would ve loved to have another child when my husband and i were together but it didnt happen. My little boy and i would love to extend the family to another little one. This would make us really happy!

We are happy now, mind you, busy doing our stuff. We live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and mainly organic food. I try to instigate healthy human habits like farming, recycling, eco living, conscious living, and spirituality of different origins: I follow different spiritual paths - buddhist, pagan, wicca, native american, christian.

I am a bit limited in what i can do at the moment because of being the single parent of a young child, but we'll be able to go more into all these things as he (and the next child!) grow up. I would love to live with my kids in a yurt in a place that has even more nature than where we currently live.

We also like to travel. My son and i like to call ourselves 'adventurers'. we like to go explore new places and sleep in our car or go to see friends around the country. I have had the drive for work and career (i was a movie extra in London UK) but now i am really enjoying being a mom. My child is my priority and so would be my second. This is what i wanted to do since always. It is hard being a single parent at times but so rewarding.

I'd be interested in doing natural insemination if you are up for it - if not, it's ok too.

I could adopt a baby or a 1 year old

Interested In

  • IVF
  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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