bblv332 / Sioux City

Gender: Female

Age: 48

Location: Sioux City, IA, US

I already have one son who is 3 years old and would like to have one or two more children. I am really wanting a co-parent. I'm a pretty crunchy leaning person and hope to find a co-parent that shares similar beliefs or is at least open to hearing why I have the opinion I do about certain topics when it comes to kids. I have an MS degree in Counseling Psych and I believe that family should be a top priority. I am 5'2, about 110 lbs, try to keep a healthy lifestyle including some kind of exercise 3 or 4 days a week at least. I have fair skin, hazel eyes and light brown hair with natural light blond streaks in it.
I have good family ties on my side of the family even though it is a bit long distance. Its important to me that any children I have keep close sibling ties so I would like a co-parent who feels the same way.

Interested In

  • Co-Parenting (female)
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