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Gender: Female

Age: 49

Location: Upstate, NY, New York, US

Very content and happy wife and mother of one. Husband also has adult children from first marriage. We do not desire to raise our 7 year old as an only child and would consider it a tremendous blessing to find a suitable and truly exceptional donor. We are both educators and our 7 year old is academically three years ahead of peers in same age group. We are also very spiritual but not religious. We are nondenominational and absolutely non judgmental. We are very compassionate and respectful of all others regardless of race, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs or lack thereof. We are also volunteer hospice care providers and advocates for the elderly and disabled. And for children suffering through crises. We would prefer a sperm donor who would recognize and respect the child's rights to know who his/her biological father is, but we ourselves recognize and will respect the donor's choice to either have or not have contact and to be or not to be involved with the child. Thank you for taking the time to read our post.

P.S.: Ideally, we hope & pray to have a large family. So we would consider it a double blessing if we can also find an equally suitable & exceptional egg donor & surrogate who would also carry a child for us who would hopefully be born around the same time as the child that I myself hope to conceive. Thus, I would also be able to breastfeed the child carried by the surrogate mother, to also give that child the best possible start in life. Of course, we would also be more than glad to adopt a child who might have been/become conceived via an unplanned pregnancy if BOTH biological parents are in complete agreement with said adoption and graciously choose our family to adopt the child. Thanks again, with Love, Best Wishes & Blessings to ALL.

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