Yvette / Ventura
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Gender: Female

Age: 39

Location: Ventura, California, US

I’m a 38 (active duty) military member who’s ready to start a family. I’m at the end of my career and I’m ready to start a family. I choose to focus on my career rather then settle down with someone I wasn’t a hundred percent ready to commit a lifetime with. Having a child now is perfect timing for me because I don’t want to miss out on precious moments of raising my child.

About me: Originally from the south with southern values; I’m very up beat, active, and caring person. I love reading, a good road trip, cycling, puzzles, trying new restaurants, being adventurous and relaxing with go friends or family.

What I’m looking for: although I’m financially and emotionally capable of caring for a child. Ideally I’ll like to co-parent to give my child the opportunity of having two parents! I want someone to bounce ideas off of in regards to raising the child, and having emotionally support when I’ve had a long day and the child isn’t happy. I’m looking for someone who wants to a part of the child’s up bringing and mentoring them on life and support them throughout their life. I don’t want to force anything on what the guy should or shouldn’t do. I feel the love and support that one gives should all be organic.

If you feel we could match please feel free to reach out. Best of luck out there!

Interested In

  • IVF
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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