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Gender: Male

Age: 46

Location: Rugby, England-Warwickshire, GB

Do you have something missing in your life that is baby shaped? Then maybe I can help you!

I am a successful, degree educated and healthy British white male, and I am looking to help a gay couple, or accomplished single woman. I believe I have good genes, since my oldest uncle on my mother's side lived until he was 91!

The reason I wish to do this is because whilst my personal relationships haven’t worked out how I planned, I still have a strong biological urge to be a father, and so I can at least give someone else that special gift of life.

Bringing a new life into the world is something I take seriously, and so I would be willing to set up a trust fund in the child’s name that they can access at 18 to help with their education, for example. All I ask is that a DNA test is carried out to prove I am the father, and if the child is a boy they are not to be circumcised (unless medically necessary). All parental and financial responsibilities would be yours, of course.

If you are comfortable with this, I would also appreciate periodic updates on the child’s progress, and would be willing to buy presents and visit on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

In years to come, I am happy with the child knowing my identity, if you make that decision.

I hope that all this gives you the reassurance that I approach this duty with care and responsibility. If you are interested, then I look forward to hearing from you.

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