Steffen / Santa Monica
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Biological Sex: Male

Age: 33

Location: Santa Monica, California, US

To make things brief, I’m curious whether anyone might be looking for donors like me. If they are, I’d consider helping out. I guess my basic attributes are relevant, so I’ve listed some of them as accurately as I can below.

The good: on paper, I’m awesome! I’m an Ivy League grad, a lawyer, unusually tall (6’8”), and a former college athlete. No genetic or other health concerns. I’m stable, kind, and have confirmed strong swimmers.

The neutral, but potentially of interest: I have blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Combined SAT score was 2390/2400. I’m of mixed European descent—I think mostly German and English. Personality-wise, I am analytical and risk averse but friendly/warm.

To be candid: I sometimes miss deadlines, and I can be a bit messy if no one is watching. I’ve been told I’m a bit contrarian/stubborn. But I’m pretty sure people only say that when they’re wrong! ;).

I like flannel shirts and physical work. If construction paid as much as law, I’d change careers in a heartbeat. I get more out of building something than writing something, though I come from a family of writers and professors.

If you’ve managed to make it this far without losing interest, you’re welcome to contact me!

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (donor)
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