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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 40

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US

I have been married twice and have had both marriages fail due to the fact they both wanted children but I was unable to conceive.

I have been trying for years to conceive, which had drawn me at one point to fall into a deep depression. While i do not have any mental or suicidal traits I still find my sad at the fact i have yet to conceive.

While i have taken on counseling to help me cope with the depression i have encountered. It still have not changed that i fall into a mode where i have anxiety and begin to feel lonely and sad, about the fact i may not ever be a mother.

I have had 4 people promise me a child. one person I actually did go through the process with and had a son that was taken from the carrier, turned out she was on drugs, and i was clueless, and unaware, that she was a addict, since i was not her family and there was no legal documents signed between the two of us I couldn’t get my baby.

I also had my own sister carrying a baby for me who decided to get an abortion without giving me any warning or explanation. Along with two other’s i paid to do a procedure and never went through.

I have also tried to get my foster care license which i was denied for a mistake i made at the age of 18. So i have exhausted my options. I dont have money for IVF, however I pray that I will be blessed with one child, even if it comes from someone else.

I try not to be negative but it seems like nothing ever comes of anything so my friend sent me this site, I am not really sure what it is or how it can even help me but I just decided to tell my story in hopes that someone will be kind enough to help me I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me to conceive I have been to see a gynecologist many times over the years I’ve tried fertility drugs such as Clomid with no luck,

I’ll try not to give up hope and keep faith that there is some entity or organization out there that will help me become a mother I am a very loving person as well as responsible, i am currently a case worker. And i am single and live alone.

I wanna thank you all for stopping by and reading my story.

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  • Egg Donation (recipient)
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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