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Gender: Female

Age: 31

Location: Warren, Michigan, US

I am a 31 year old caucasian woman of Russian ancestry and would be the woman carrying the child. My wife is a 36 year old caucasian woman of Irish and Scottish ancestry. My wife and I are looking for a sperm donor, not a co parent at this point, although we are open to communication once the child is older.

I am extremely healthy, with no family history of any major illness. The only serious illness I've ever had was chicken pox as a child. Neither of us smoke or do drugs and our alcohol is limited to the occasional glass of wine with dinner (maybe twice a month).

My wife is healthy as well but suffered an injury in a car accident 7 years ago that left her with permanent lower body injuries, but while she will never run a marathon she is able to do everything else.

We are looking for someone who generally matches my wife's coloring of dark brown hair and green eyes. We are both college educated - I have a master's degree and am a property management, she has an MBA and a bachelor's in accounting and works as a forensic accountant. We plan for her to work from home and be a stay at home mom until our child starts school full time.

Besides the obvious quality of healthy our ideal donor would be someone with an artistic streak or involved in the performing arts, as well as someone who is college educated or is intelligent and loves to learn on their own. My wife is the most intelligent person I've ever met and since she cannot be the one to carry our child (broken pelvis from the car accident, the surgery to repair the damage will not allow her to carry without extreme risk to both her and the baby), I would love to see some of the traits that define her in our donor. We both are involved in theatre and performance at a local level and would love to nurture that in our child as well. We are both spiritual but non denominational and have a strong love of learning and the written word. My wife is an incredibly talented writer and has just received a contract to publish her first novel.

The only thing missing in our lives is the child we both desperately want. We had a donor lined up last year but he declined to go through with it after discovering we are a same sex couple, even though we're very honest about this. It broke our hearts, so please if that's a problem, we would not be a good match. We aren't looking for NI - for fairly obvious reasons that's not an option for us. I hope that somewhere out here is someone who can help us create our family. We are willing to be completely open and honest about ourselves and our lives.

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