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Gender: Male

Age: 50

Location: Richmond, England-London, GB

I'm newly returned to the UK (hence the profile name) after 22 years overseas, some of it in remote locations with not a woman in sight. Adventures and business took me everywhere, living in Spain, Japan and New Zealand...except to meeting a partner.

I now find myself in the unexpected position of still being single and childless and would love to bring a child into this world, and to know him or her at some stage in life.

I was an entrepreneur who had some bumps and successes, I have sailed around the world and climbed the Himalayas so have quite a lot of life experience to offer a child, if invited to do so. And now im a published writer of ancient history. I have a number of patents to my name, and remain highly creative and interested in the world.

Im older than id ideally like to be (huh!) but have 'young' genes; my parents look amazing for their ages and my mother was recently on the cover of a magazine due to exactly that. I don't smoke or have any bad habits and there is no history of medical illness in the family., I hit the gym 3 times a week, and i'm sporty (golf, skiing, squash) and coordinated.

Im flexible on the type of arrangement with a woman or a couple I donate to. Im not against coparenting if I meet the right woman or remaining completely 'hands off'.

Im 6 foot 1 tall, blue eyed, brown hair, proportional and feel very young for my age. I know I'm highly fertile (long story from 'almost had kids' episodes), and hate the idea of wasting this.

PS, personality tests says i'm an INTJ, if that means anything to you. Photos from various times and places. Happy to Skype.

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