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Gender: Male

Age: 49

Location: London, England-London, GB

In the process of pursuing to have a family i think that finding a suitable partner is a necessary and sufficient condition. I wouldn't say "the correct" partner or so, because obviously no one is perfect. It doesn't also have to be "the big love" or a passionate affair - cynics would probably postulate that it should better not be that way...

Basically i feel that a good female friend (i am heterosexual) that you click with, and you find yourself also physically attracted to, would do.

This of course, even though reasonable for many, sounds a bit too generic; that's because my intention was to emphasize that to me what they call "chemistry" between different people is very important. Let me also emphasize the word "different" in the last sentence.

Anyway, i don't really know how to best describe myself to be honest. I'd probably use words of other people that are quite close to me. Recently an ex-flat-mate and good friend told me that i am a "no shit" (please pardon the language) person. Then one of my best (since childhood) friends says that i am not a very social person. My brother said recently that i am reliable during difficult circumstances ("deep waters" he said). Then my mother says that i am a bit too radical in some of my views and can also be quite opinionated (well, when we disagree at least...). (Don't know exactly what is good or bad from the above comments, but at least i tried to be honest...)

Not going to go into much detail about career and all that, other than to just mention that i am doing alright - which pretty much means that i am not rich! (couldn't care less...).

That's it for now from my part i guess, obviously i will try to keep on updating this (sort of) profile, depending also on how things evolve. Also, apologies for the rather "dry" passport photo, it's the best reasonably recent option i had at the moment - as it hasn't been a very rich year in terms of social and other events, due to the pandemic etc.

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  • Co-Parenting (male)
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