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Gender: Female

Age: 40

Location: Bristol, England-Bristol, GB


I’m hoping to find someone like-minded (in a general life, values and parenting sense) who wants to share something amazing with me. Creating a brand new life, and being a strong unit, whilst sharing all the small, the big, the weird and the wonderful things that come of helping a little person grow and find out who they are in the world.
Sounds good doesn’t it!

I’m 39 (and a bit) and live in Bristol UK. Though I had initially hoped I would meet someone first and we would then have a family together, it hasn’t worked out that way so far and as I really feel that now is the right time for me to become a mum, I’ve opened up my thinking about how else that can happen. It’s not an age thing in the context of worrying about my fertility, the timing just feels right and I want to embrace that.

I won’t bore you with the finer details of my IQ, job, or other vital stats here. You can hopefully already get a sense of me by the other things I’ve written here and the real proof of compatibility for being parents together comes of being in contact and getting to know each other a bit. I’m very open (we have to be!) so ask anything you want and I will answer honestly.

It is worth me saying here that I want to share parenthood with someone who wants to be fully and equally involved (practically, emotionally and financially), so I only want to hear from men who feel, as I do, that it’s important for both of us to be 100% “in”, all the way. I want a truly shared experience and for whoever we are lucky enough to bring into the world to feel special and a priority to both of us. What that all means in the finer detail and small print we will talk through.

Finally. It’s all the better for me if we can have laughs and fun along the way and enjoy the experience together. In the least, just because some of it is so damn scary, we just have to get some giggles in.

If this all sounds of interest and similar to where you are at, it would be really good to hear from you.


Interested In

  • Co-Parenting (female)
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