Marilena / Sydney
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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 41

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, AU

I'm quite creative generally speaking. I enjoy fashion, jewellery, home improvement, self development and spirituality. Bit of a paradox as I also enjoy politics, finance, real estate and investing as well. Many say I know a little about a lot and am an inquisitive well rounded person. Would love to find a suitable co-parenting partner who is open to developing a relationship with a child (as little or as much as they would like).

I myself have a very strong family unit and would have a great deal of support from the people around me. I have siblings who haven't had children either so it would be fair to say a grandchild would be showered with love, affection and steady role models. My family practices the Greek Orthodox religion and although I do follow the traditions, I would say I'm more spiritually inclined than strictly religious. My political views are conservative and although I can be open ended at times, I disagree with adopting views that don't resonate simply because they are fashionable or politically correct.

I have thought long and hard about being a parent and have not taken on this endeavour lightly. Unfortunately hard work and circumstances have led me to reach an age where I still haven't had children of my own. On the flip side, mature age, wisdom and life experiences have prepared me for a blessing such as this and I would like to think that one day soon, my dream of raising a child of my own becomes a reality. The arrangement I would be most comfortable with would be to have full custody of a child and for the father to have minimal-consistent contact. As long as a child knows who their father is and can seek contact if their heart desires then that's fine with me. The amount of contact that transpires after this has been established can run its own course and should be organic and respectful.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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