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Gender: Female

Age: 36

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, CA

My husband and I would like nothing more then to give my daughter a sibling to grow up with, however, fertility issues are a real struggle and I’ve been trying so hard (including using fertility clinics ) to conceive another child; 2 years and still no success. Without the kind souls willing to donate to loving couples, I fear our dream won’t come true.

After much thought, research and findings, we believe that using a sperm donor is in our best interest. We have considered IVF and using frozen sperm from a sperm bank, but it’s extremly costly , and has very low success rates, which is heart breaking .

About us.
Established professionals that are struggling with infertility. We are kind , giving and loving and just want to expand our little family, but is not possible without medical interventions that still can’t guarantee success. There are no younger children in our family and we would love to watch the bond that siblings have for each other .

My husband is perfectly fine with us using a donor as he cannot father a child biologically with out extreme medical procedures for us both . He thinks it’s noble that men are willing to donate and help families .

We live in Edmonton, Alberta , my cycle is medically tracked and we are only interested in artificial insemination (not natural insemination- intercourse)

We are willing to travel within western Canada and are looking to start this process as soon as possible (feb 2019)

Ideal candidate would be a father or have a recent sperm analysis report , non-smoker , no addictions or drug use and willing to commit to being available during fertile peak each month for 2-3 days.

Thanks you , and please feel free to ask questions, we are happy to answer!


Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
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