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Gender: Female

Age: 31

Location: Rochester, England-Kent, GB

I am an arty type woman, a lapidary carver and metalsmith using copper (in training) who owns my own small business in its first year. I'm a very independent person and theatre youth leader to a ton of really amazing teenagers. I'm just now getting a little bored of waiting for mr right to show up and now my age is working against me for my own biological child. Being in my first year of owning my own online shop it would be a lie to say in money stable but I do have a lot of plans slowly being put into place and using this year to find my neich, start looking at grants and funding and making sure my product looks slick. But I am a person who will do what needs to be done to support myself and a child even if it means returning to normal employment. It's one of those circumstances where you don't know what could happen till you try and I went for the being brave and taking a leap option.

I've always wanted at least one of my own and now happy to look into other options like co parenting. It seem logical with in my nature to want to help some one else out while helping myself. So I'm happy to talk to gay couples and singles or even the right straight guy and get to know you as this is a bit of a life long deal here, but I would prefer a co parent around my own age for my own comfort zones.
How ever I will say that I want full custody and legal obligations of the child I will bring into this world will belong to me until the child is legally of age to make their own choices, but I will be a fair parent to agree to a 50/50 co- operation with every thing else with in it's up bringing. This is so some one does not take the choice of taking my child away from me for what ever choice in the future.
For sperm donors, the option for the child to find you when they are old enough would be amazing for their benefit. I am also ok with you asking for updates.

I would like to think I'm pretty easy going, but stubborn, creative, learning new skills when making things comes pretty easy to me with a brain that has to keep creatively learning. I would love to pass on my creative knowledge to my child in theatre and from my studio to give them the best tools I possibly can, for them to go out and create amazing things for themselves. I would love to also travel with my child. I backpacked New Zealand for a year and would do it again in a heart beat with my child, for me it seems a better source of education to actually experience culture first hand rather than read it out of a book.

I have a supportive family and am the funky but strict aunt to a 4 year old nephew, so I'm used to having children around me.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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