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Gender: Male

Age: 51

Location: Uckfield, England-East Sussex, GB

I have twin boys conceived via IVF due to my wife’s issues with PCOS who are now 11.

My wife and I unfortunately split soon after and when they were very young and we both chose to bring up our children by coparenting.

This has been a wonderful and worthwhile experience but I have always felt that as my children were young when we separated and the whole thing was a whirlwind that I have missed out something by not having a second time child.

I would ideally want a coparent arrangement which allowed access to the child and someone that would be willing to spend some family time with the children. Christmas, birthdays and days out etc.

At 6ft5in I’m a tall man, fairly intelligent with a pretty good sense of humour. I have never smoked or taken drugs. I’m very much family orientated man and enjoy fun times with my children be that camping, theme parks or days out or away.

Having been thru IVF with my ex wife I appreciate the struggle that many people are going thru with there battle for children. In the right circumstances I would also be happy to assist in being a sperm donor.

I have no preference as to whether it was AI or NI regarding coparenting but as a sperm donor I would prefer AI

As a previous HFEA registered donor I have the advantage of a number of pathology results:-

Blood Group: A Rh D Neg
Karotyping: 46, XY (Normal male chromosome and banding pattern)
Immunology: Negative for CMV infection
Cystic Fibrosis Screen: Negative (No listed mutations)

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (donor)
  • Co-Parenting (male)
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