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Gender: Male

Age: 44

Location: Richmond, Rhode Island, US

I'm looking to help others (of any race / ethnic background or transition status) by being a sperm donor. I've always wanted kids, but I've yet to be lucky in love, so still no kids. Thus, this would help me achieve my dream of having kids even if I'm not the one raising them.

I come from a family line of inventors. I have a PhD in Engineering, and I'm finishing up my Masters in Computer Science while maintaining my full time research and development career. I have my mom's determination and positive nature, my dad's sense of humor and inventor's aptitude (only 1 patent so far, but I'm still young), and both parents' affinity for music (I'm a tenor). My vision is better than 20/20, and my immune system fights off pretty much everything before I get sick. I'm 5' 8", about as pale as caucasians come, even-tempered, laid back, patient, kind, and I have blond hair, blue eyes, a red beard (with two white stripes), and freckles. My ancestry is Polish, English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, French, and German with a dash of most other European countries.

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