Jolene / Hanover
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Gender: Female

Age: 36

Location: Hanover, New Hampshire, US

Successful Ivy League family. Genetically tested, results excellent. Healthy as a horse - my only prescription is for mild near-sightedness. Reproductive organs deemed "textbook" and ready to go. Educated, attractive (at least so they say :) ).

In a stable relationship of 9 years. Sadly, my partner can't impregnate me. We researched fertility clinics and we were horrified at what we found. We concluded we were better off trying to find a match on our own.

Pictures and in-depth background available to serious inquires.

Conversation is the best screening tool. If you're interested and sincere, please feel free to start one. We don't bite. However, caveats in the interest of everyone's time:

If you're not open to a criminal background check, STI screening, basic genetic testing, and providing reasonable character references, don't waste your time on us. Similarly, if you're a religious fundamentalist of any kind or if you've ever donated to a sperm bank, please don't waste your time on us. We have a strong preference for donors who will only donate to a reasonable number of families - the fewer, the better.

We would prefer a known donor vs co-parenting, but we wouldn't want to miss the ideal match simply because they preferred some level of co-parenting.

Interested In

  • IVF
  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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