Jessica / Plymouth
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Gender: Female

Age: 31

Location: Plymouth, England-Devon, GB

I am a hard-working single parent in full-time public service employment and I would desperately like one more child. I have a young daughter whose father is not involved in her life and I'd like another child to keep her company and complete our family.

I love being a mother and when I was younger I always saw myself with 5 children! As I've got older, while I'd still love to have lots, I've come to terms with the fact that having many is unrealistic for me with a single income haha.

I'm an independent person and have never seemed to bump into anybody in life who I feel I'd be happy to involve myself with forever. While I'm open to someday settling down if the situation arises, I am in my 30s and don't want to wait much longer before I have my next child. I'm more than happy to parent alone - in fact I like it - and I'd love to have another baby so my daughter has a sibling. My family is...weird, and I want to make sure she isn't left alone should anything happen to me or when I'm old. I want her to have an ally and someone always there to support her if she needs it. I'm one of 4 and I never imagined I'd only have one. I'm so blessed to have her and if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen, but I'd love it if there were 3 of us.

I would ideally be looking for a donation from a progressive, open-minded, kind man with no known health problems and educated to at least degree level.

I *might* consider co-parenting, but obviously this would require a lot more thought and I think I'd prefer straightforward sperm donation. My daughter's father isn't involved in her life whatsoever so I would really need to think about what co-parenting would mean for her. If any communication on here headed towards the co-parenting route then I would obviously revise answers to some of the questions I've answered (so I would consider testing for fertility, drugs, etc.). I would also give more information about me as an individual but I don't really feel any of that is necessary for sperm donation.

Hair is naturally dark blonde.

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