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Gender: Female

Age: 25

Location: Tampa, Florida, US

Hi! I’m 25 and my wife (Chris) is 23, we just recently got married 6 months ago. I am the baby out of a 7 sibling home along with my wife being an only child in her home. We both have been talking on kids for a while but just recently I got onboard with it.

We both would love to try to conceive, (not at the same time) but if a donation works then we’d hope our future kids would have the same features masculine wise, same blood line. So looking for someone long term as far as willing to donate later on when we are ready for number 2. The compromise of children is 3, so like I said someone who is willing to stick around.

Def don’t need a co parent but I’d love to provide information later when they become of age in order to do that, I’d like to be honest while the children grow up on the process of them being conceived but we will have an agreement written out so we can sign before hand slip all the hard stuff. We hope we make good candidates for mothers! We want this so bad.

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  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
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