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Gender: Female

Age: 36

Location: Oxford, England-Oxfordshire, GB

Hello!! I am a well-travelled, multi-lingual woman with a global outlook, currently living in the UK. I am independent and have spent a big chunk of my life studying and working in different countries. I am well educated with a phd, bubbly, energetic, intellectual, heathy, non-smoker, genuinely kind, physically active, honest, generous, and spiritual. I love to explore new things, to travel, to laugh, to dance, to meditate, and also have fun. I am quite sociable and can get along with almost anyone I meet, and I treat everyone with the same level of respect. For work, I am an academic and I also teach yoga (for fun). My creative, artistic streak is there, but haven’t used it in some time!

My family gave me ample love while growing up. I had a happy childhood and received lots of love and care. I am passionate and have lots of love to give. In the past, I was interested in studying and working and traveling— not really in starting a family or settling down. I have had lots of experiences baby-sitting and teaching/working with children as a volunteer, and those who know has said that I’m a natural mother, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have children. Now, I feel ready to have a child, or two, but I haven’t found a person whom I can feel could be a suitable parent.

So I am interested in meeting someone to co-parent (and would be open to date for the purpose of parenting together, but that’s not the priority). I do not care if the father is straight or gay, married or not, but it is important that he and I get along well and that the person (or the couple) wants to be active in the child’s life and upbringing. It is important to me that the person or the couple is health, is stable (emotionally, mentally, and career-wise), has similar values (value education, respect, tolerance, etc.) and is open to raising multi-lingual child(ren). Reach out if you’re interested. And good luck :).

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