Jane / Essex
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Biological Sex: Female

Age: 38

Location: Essex, England-Essex, GB

Hi! I really want to be a mum! I’m looking for a man who for whatever reasons hasn’t had their own children yet but has a lot of love to give, wants to be a dad and would like to co-parent with me :-)

This isn’t the way I’d envisaged bringing a child into the world tbh but here we are! I adore children and think I would be a great mum but would love my child to know their dad too. The more love a child is surrounded by the better!

Family is very important to me and I would hope you have a good network of friends and family who are supportive of this route to parenthood and would welcome and love our child. I know for a fact my mum will spoil our child but isn’t that what grandparents are for lol?!

At first I had a list of physical attributes I was looking for but having perused this site for a little while, I now realise the most important thing is the PERSON. It is imperative you and I get on and have a friendship in order to provide a happy and stable upbringing for our child. I am open to a single heterosexual/gay man or couple - I just want you to be a good person.

So - a bit about me. I am an open-minded, easygoing, adventurous and fun person! I have just returned home to the UK after living abroad for 14 years, and I LOVE to travel.

I am mixed race - my mum is English (white) and my dad is from the Caribbean (black). I have a diverse group of friends of all colours, nationalities and religions and it’s important to me that a co-parent respects this and has the same values.

I’m a pretty normal(!) person - I love all kinds of music, like to read and am a bit of a board game geek. Sometimes I watch trashy TV and go out for cocktails with friends!

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  • Co-Parenting (female)
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