Jack / Buxton
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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Location: Buxton, England-Derbyshire, GB

Offering to be a sperm donor for couples or singles/other who would like a child

I can't travel long distances right now so a meet in the middle might be most suitable

I can update my profile shortly; please add me as a friend or send a message to find out more!

I have checked the box saying I have a degree although I did not complete my structural engineering degree and went on to be a teaching assistant and rope access technician

I'm about the average height (?) for a male at 5" 7 and have been separately stereotypically athletic and a muscle man in the past, currently I'd say I'm average build although that's ambiguous! I guess somewhere between endomorph and mesomorph with a weight of about 85kg, I'll update soon with a photo!

I understand that medical history might be important to you and so will hopefully update with a write up, in the meantime feel free to just send a message or add as a friend to see the basics

Treading carefully because I've had negative experiences with other coparenting/sperm donation sites, I believe the moderation here are more understanding

Looking for a unified theory of human existence whilst avoiding religion, and looking for good conversation.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (donor)
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