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Gender: Male

Age: 32

Location: Chipping Norton, England-Oxfordshire, GB

I am South African originally. Married when i was 21 and i have a beautiful 9yo daughter. I do however want to father more children but my wife is unwilling to have more children of our own. I do feel that i want to help other couples or singles have children of their own and to feel the love they bring. I never had any allergies diseases or disabilities and im an engineer at a university. I love sport of all kinds although i chose cycling as a young child to pursue as my sport. These days however i don't race anymore and love to be active in general. My personality is always friendly spontaneous and creative as im slightly right brain dominant. I have a deep sense of feelings for others and always strive to leave people happier than when i met them. My family genes are also good and both my parents are still alive with no genetic diseases or ailments.

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