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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Location: Dallas / Garland, Texas, US

I am happily married with 3 children. I have had 3 healthy perfect pregnancies, with all successful water births at home. I am extremely passionate about pregnancy and birth!! You would be giving me the most incredible gift!!

My husband and I would love a 4th child of a different ethnicity, to be a part of this incredible family, and teach all of our children cultural awareness. We would like to start trying in 2021.

I am from Hawaii, and racism does not exist there. When I moved to Dallas, it was very hard for me. I don't want my children being raised the same as most of the small-minded negative racists here. I want them to truly learn skin is just a color, and I believe the best way to do that is to start at home. If they grew up with a brother or sister of a different ethnicity, they would truly learn lessons valuable for life. The whole family would!

We are looking for natural insemination, my husband and I have an open relationship so we have no problem going about it naturally. We both want to be there when our child is created!

I am a healthy Hispanic and Samoan woman, my husband is a healthy white man. We are looking for an African American donor!

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
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