Eugene / Gresham

Gender: Male

Age: 50

Location: Gresham, Oregon, US

I am new to this but am interested in helping. Whatever makes it work to add to the gene pool. I have 3 children already. Ni preferred but will consider Ai. Once the Ai path is decided; I think it wise to stick with it. Life updates for children would be nice but I prefer separate lives.

I am super healthy; eat Kosher and take expensive nutritional supplements, some specific to virility and high sperm count. Nordic ancestry.

Always top of the class in sports and academics. Slim, fit, and very high iQ. I am an attractive, athletic and kind man. No Drama; if you would like to get to know me; that perhaps is best; but I am fine for scheduled donating; just prefer to break the ice, and don't want weird, nor surprises.

My lineage are entrepreneurs, wealthy and high iQ. I am a believer in Christ. This is a real boundary exercise for me; justified I suppose by being selective with whom I procreate and the belief that I am helping mankind.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (donor)
  • Co-Parenting (male)
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