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Gender: Female

Age: 33

Location: Bridport, England-Dorset, GB

I am looking for a sperm donor in the South West UK for home insemination using a kit which I already have.

I am a creative, positive and caring person. I love animals above everything else and care for numerous pets.

I am a qualified paramedic and worked in the healthcare sector for many years before I decided I wanted to change and now work with animals.

I enjoy writing, reading, cooking, walking, the countryside, being outdoors, cold weather, travelling. I love to fix and make things, experiment with cooking, draw, paint, stone carve, do gardening and help animals.

I enjoy my own company and that of my partner, family and friends. I can talk to people easily but am not particularly outgoing or sociable, though I used to be.

I have always wanted to have children and am very aware of that dreaded biological clock, this is the only drawback of being in a same sex relationship; we have a distinct shortage of sperm between us so help in that department would be very much appreciated.

Preferably I would like to receive a donation from someone who has already donated, whether successful or not. I particularly welcome donations from those who wish to donate prior to commencing hormone therapy for gender reassignment.

I have yet to decide on the level of contact between donor and child, if any. I am happy to discuss this.

I have a female partner, we have been together for 7 years and are due to get married, however due to my age I am anxious to conceive before I get much older.

Please note I am not interested in natural insemination so please do not ask.
If you feel you can help, please get in touch.

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