Doug300 / Exeter

Gender: Male

Age: 54

Location: Exeter, GB

Previously, I discovered, much to my surprise, that my fertility was unusually high. I was a donor at what was Europe's leading research centre into male fertility. I turned out to be the most successful donor at helping women have children at first attempt. 9 women had their own baby at the first attempt, and one woman had her son at the second attempt, using my donations. That sounds a bit boastful, but I'm not boastful, and dislike such people. I mention this only because fertility is an issue. I have a letter from the HFEA showing the results.

More recently, I helped a couple have their own child who was born in October 2014. They used a 'Clearblue' digital fertility monitor. It they were successful at the first attempt using it. I would recommend that you use one.

I cannot think of anything more worthwhile that I am in a position to do, than help someone have their own child.

About me as a person. I have a zest for life and like helping people. I volunteer in a hospice and would like to go back into science or medicine. I studied law and became a barrister, but would prefer to work in something that I enjoy.

I like exercise, being outdoors, animals, music, travelling and going out for dinner.

I'm able to travel at short notice to donate.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (donor)
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