David / Bend
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Gender: Male

Age: 53

Location: Bend, Oregon, US

Hopeful romantic, genially honest, shrewd wit, steely-eyed liberal, native Oregonian, xenophile, far from small in body and mind.

Never married, no kids (yet), and I loved my nine years as a step-parent. I most want a partner and my own children, but I’m open to any donation options or methods. In a non-partnered donation I’d like to have ongoing contact with the child, but I would accept a no-contact arrangement.

My job is full-time remote with excellent health insurance. For those of you looking for a co-parent, I can relocate without changing jobs to anywhere in Oregon. (HR doesn’t want to deal with out of state employees though, so I have to stay in-state.) For anyone looking for just a donation, I could roam much further or ship.

I’m roughly half Swedish by genetic heritage, with a mix of other European origins (Scot, German, English, and Netherland.) My brothers are either stocky or tall, I am both. 2/3 of my siblings have black hair, but I’m blond. I test in the 99th percentile of intelligence - if you believe standardized tests anyway - but there have been no signs of autism in my extended family. (You might think I’m bragging, but truth is I’m not even the smartest one among my siblings. Which might be a bigger brag come to think of it, but hey we’re talking reproductive fitness here. A bit of flex is appropriate, right?)

I joined in November of 2020, and intend to remain available for donation indefinitely, unless and until a partnership arises which precludes it. If you still see this paragraph, I’m still available.

Interested In

  • IVF
  • Sperm Donation (donor)
  • Co-Parenting (male)
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