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Gender: Male

Age: 31

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, US

I'm in my early-30s. I was born in the UK and am ethnically white British. I moved to the US to do a PhD and then started work in Boston. I am in good health, exercise regularly and eat well. I am gay.

I am particularly interested in donating to married LGBT couples in the New England area. I'm only looking to donate through artificial insemination. I don't want to donate to many families, so fit with the recipients is important to me.

I want to donate to recipients who are open to the child getting to know me if the child wants this. However, to avoid stepping on the toes of the parents and since I have my own life to lead, I would want such contact to be infrequent. I would also like to receive a couple of photos and a brief update about the child once a year.

I'm interested in donating because:

1. Helping a family bring a child into the world seems like a joyful and exciting journey.

2. I would appreciate the limited opportunity to get to see a kid to whom I have a connection grow up.

3. I would like a familial/biological link with the next generation, even if this doesn't involve much/any contact.

Before proceding with any donation, I would need to sign an agreement terminating my rights/responsibilities.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (donor)
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