Cody / Dallas

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Location: Dallas, Texas, US

Looking to find a matching partner for co-parenting. Sperm donation or something in between could also work. My game plan going into this is to be flexible. As a minimum I require that if any children over 18 requests it, you would provide them my contact details.

I'm financially and emotionally stable, with all my personal ducks in a row. Children are awesome and this seems like a reasonable avenue to accomplish that goal. My ideal outcome is to have a small number of children with repeat donations so they can be siblings. I had siblings and it was awesome but again I am flexible.

For co-parenting, I'm looking for someone stable who is open to teamwork. I work online so relocation is an option. I get a nice amount of benefits from my profession so health care and such will be taken care of.

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (donor)
  • Co-Parenting (male)
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