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Gender: Female

Age: 39

Location: London, England-London, GB

I've been single for a couple of years after a lifetime of long relationships, and although I'd ideally be thinking about a family with someone I love, I've just not met that someone yet. Having a child is one of life's great gifts and I feel I'd be a good mother; I have a lot of love to give and want the experience of being a parent as well.

I'm Oxford educated, and have had an interesting career in journalism, then tech, and now as an English secondary and sixth form teacher. I'm good with teenagers! Patient, caring and kind. I love reading, writing and the arts, but am academically a bit of an all-rounder. I'm healthy and have no family history of serious illness.

I am in the position where I'd like to meet someone who also wants to have a child, but either has not met the right partner or who is in a relationship but would like to be a parent. I'd really like our child to have an equal relationship with both parents.

Interested In

  • Co-Parenting (female)
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