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Gender: Female

Age: 39

Location: Portland, Oregon, US

I am a single lesbian looking to co-parent with a single man or gay couple. I've been thinking about having a baby for several years and will definitely consider sperm donation, but I'd prefer for the child to know their father. In an ideal situation, I'm looking for someone relatively laid-back who would like to play some sort of role in the child's life.

I teach literature and creative writing for a living and I love my job. I like to bike, hike, sew, cook, write, read, travel, and spend time with friends. I'm a vegetarian in good health and I eat a mostly organic diet (but I don't care what you eat!). I am interested in trying to follow a path of mindfulness and compassion, but I am not religious or dogmatic about it and I'm open to co-parents from all sorts of backgrounds.

In terms of co-parenting, I'd love to have a friendly relationship where we can talk through any potential disagreements with good humor and good communication, and make important decisions together. I'm happy to talk about how much or little contact you might want in the child's life, but I'd prefer some contact to none. That being said, I'm open to sperm donation with no contact as well.

** Thank you, but I am not interested in natural method insemination **

Interested In

  • Sperm Donation (recipient)
  • Co-Parenting (female)
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